3 ways to update issues

Use the keyboard or mouse from all lists, boards or issue views.

🖱️ Right-click on an issue to bring up the contextual menu.

⬛ Use Cmd/Ctrl K to open the command menu.

⌨️ Press ? to view and search keyboard shortcuts.


How to create new issues

C opens a draft issue in your view.

V opens a draft issue in full screen mode.

Alt/Option C will let you select an issue template.

How to apply issue properties

In all issue editors, Tab to move around the editor. Once highlighted, press Enter to launch the dropdown list and up/down or search to set the property. You can also use specific keyboard shortcuts instead of tab. They're slightly different in modal and full screen views so hover over the property to learn it (e.g. set status with Ctrl Shift S in the modal or S in full screen).

Tutorial 🖼️

Here we show you multiple ways to update the issue Upgrade 🚀 Software.