One of our powerful, time-saving features is the ability to take almost any action on issues while viewing them in a board or list.

The basics

Select issues to then take actions using keyboard shortcuts, the command line, or contextual menu. You can select multiple issues at a time and when selected, issues will appear highlighted in blue. By default, no issue is selected when you open a board or list. Moving the cursor over an issue or scrolling the list will apply focus to specific issues. Esc will clear any issue selections.

To select issues

To select a single issue, press Shift and *click* with your mouse at the same time. This works similar to Finder in macOs. Alternatively, scroll the list or board with  /   keys and press X.In list views you can also bring up a checkbox element by moving your cursor over the far left of any issue (near where it meets the sidebar).

To select multiple nonconsecutive issues, simply continue using X or Cmd Shift and *click* on additional issues. To select multiple consecutive issues, hold down Shift after selecting the first issue. Then use the   /   keys to increase the selected range one issue at a time or click on the issue at the opposite end of the range to select it and all issues between. You can also press Shift and *click* to select a range of issues. In boards, you're can only select issues within a single column (workflow status). Lists do not have this limitation.

How to take actions after selecting issues

After selecting issues, the fasted way to take an action is to use a keyboard shortcut (e.g. S for to change issue status or Shift E to update the estimate). Type Cmd K to bring up the command menu and search for the action. Right-click on any of the selected issue(s) with your mouse to bring up a contextual menu and take an action from there.

Use Enter or O to open the selected issue in the issue detail view and E to open the issue in edit mode. This only works when one issue is selected. If one or more items are selected, but you've moved the cursor or navigation to focus on a different issue, pressing Enter or O will open the focused issue (outlined or lightly shaded) and not the selected issue (highlighted in blue).

Protip: Want to quickly know what an issue is about without opening it? Press Space to toggle Peek mode.

To change the selected issue

In list views, use   /  or J / K to move up and down the list. The selection will automatically change as you move. In board views, use  /  or  J / K to move up and down columns (workflow statuses) and / to move between columns. The selection will automatically change as you move. Type Esc to clear the current selection then move your cursor over the issue(s) you want to select.

To take bulk actions on selected issues

After selecting multiple issues, type a keyboard shortcut, open the command menu or right click to open up a contextual menu as you would to update a single issue. Any actions will apply to all selected issues. Common bulk actions will appear in a toolbar at the bottom of your screen to make it easier to perform common actions. You can change one or multiple issues' status by selecting and dragging the selected issue(s) to a different section of the list or column on the board.

ProTip: How to undo actions Type Cmd/Ctrl Z to undo most single or bulk actions on an issue or Cmd/Ctrl Z to redo them. A toast will appear to confirm the change.

Keyboard Shortcuts

 /  or J / K to navigate between issues in list views and additionally / in board views.

Enter or O to open the selected issue(s) and E to open it in edit mode.