Welcome to Linear! The following articles include videos and tips that we normally cover in in-person onboarding sessions. They can be skimmed and don't have to be read in order or in full.

Why choose Linear?

How to trial Linear

Linear Method Summary

Setting up the workspace: teams and workflows

The basics: creating, updating, managing issues

Automate workflows with GitHub, Cycles and Auto-close

ProTips to be fast & efficient

Community Chats


We host regular meetups with the community to demo features, share tips, and share best practices on how to use Linear. Sign up at the links below. We run them biweekly on Thursdays. If you have a topic you'd like to see covered soon, reach out!

We also recommend you join our Slack community to meet 1K+ other Linear users and exchange tips. The whole Linear team is in Slack so it's a great place to ask questions, too.

Upcoming community chats