We offer three different plans on Linear: Free, Standard and Plus. We hope this guide helps you make your decision. If you have more questions or feedback, send it via the Help & Feedback modal or to [email protected]

What is the difference between the Free, Standard and Plus plans?

You can use all the core features and have unlimited members under your workspace's free plan. Free plans are limited to 250 total issues (archived issues do not count toward the limit) and file uploads are max 10MB and 300MB monthly. On free plans, every user has access to admin controls.

Upgrading to the Standard plan remove the limits and enables additional features including the Google Sheets integration, advanced auto-close and auto-archive, advanced history and admin controls (e.g. inviting members and deleting teams). Standard plan users also receive priority support.

The Plus plan includes SSO & SAML for added security on top of all of the features in the Standard plan. We currently support most identity providers (Okta, OneLogin, LastPass, Auth0, Bitum, etc.) outside of Azure (Microsoft). If you're interested in an integration with Azure AD or Active Directory (ADFS) please reach out to Linear's support team before upgrading.

Free plans

How can I use Linear for free?

You can archive stale, closed or other issues to keep the issue count under 250 total issues. You can upload files to external services and paste links to those files in Linear.

What happens if I hit my usage limit?

If you hit the limit, you will still be able to use the workspace. You will see a notification that explains the overage limit and we will give you time to upgrade to the Standard plan.

What happens to my files when I hit my file upload limit?

For now, nothing happens. You'll first receive a notification about the going over the usage limit. Once limits are enabled, new uploads will not be allowed for the rest of the (billable) month. The system will not delete previous files.

Paid Plans

How do I try out the Standard Plan for free?

If you want to test the features but are not ready to commit quite yet, contact us at [email protected] to set up a trial. We don't offer trials for the Plus plan but you can upgrade from the Standard to Plus plan anytime.

I have multiple workspaces. Does my paid plan apply to all of them?

Your plan only applies to the single workspace associated to it. You need to upgrade all workspaces separately.