How to divide your workspace in teams

There isn't a hard or fast rule on this. It's easy to move issues between teams (Select all then Shift Cmd/Ctrl M) so go with your gut and then combine or split teams up as you learn what works best. Learn more about how to organize your workspace and what to consider in Teams.

When trialing

It may be easier to stick to one team while trialing Linear. It'll be simpler to navigate the app while you learn how features work.

One team

Small teams may prefer to keep all work in one cycle to build momentum and a sense of working together toward your company's goals.

Multiple teams

It may make sense to split work in different teams to represent different work areas (e.g. design, product, marketing) or support different workflows.

Set up workflows

Customize workflows to match your team's processes. You can add more, edit names and icon colors, and change them for each team. Edit workflow statuses in team settings.

Tutorial πŸ“Ί

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